Through the Looking Glass

Galerie van der Mieden, Antwerpen

Exhibition View 'Through the Looking Glass, Galerie van der Mieden, Antwerpen, Belgium, 2010

Exhibition View,  Galerie van der Mieden, Antwerpen, Belgium, 2010

In “Through the Looking Glass,” an exhibit of new work, Ulrike Heydenreich presents tantalizing views of an alternative world. With her drawings, prints and sculptural objects Heydenreich plays with the conventions commonly used to represent the world—linear perspective, cartography, and reflection—and in her reverie she invents a world that lies on the other side of the mirror’s reflection.

In this exhibition we see glimpses of Heydenreich’s signature Alpine mountain ranges set within delicately sculptured paper frames that suggest architectural spaces unfolding into idealized landscapes. Maps are the inspiration for Heydenreich’s screen prints in red ink. Creased by the fold lines characteristic of travel maps, Heydenreich’s prints borrow contour and meridians lines from maps of real places reconstructed as topographical views of imaginary places represented by intricate networks of intersecting lines, clustered star patterns, and blossoming shapes of organic growth.  Heydenreich’s oversized kaleidoscopes are tools build of mirrors that allow viewers to see the fantastic world that lies just beyond the real.   -Patricia Briggs

Opening  21.11.2010, 6-8pm

Galerie van der Mieden
Pourbusstraat 15
B-2000 Antwerpen